Project Description

Custom Monogram | Clutch Suite Invitation

Beauty and The Beast Inspired Design

Kodi and Michael. The uniqueness of these two cannot be justified within a few words…but we will do our best. When meeting with Kodi, she had a vision of Sunflowers. Michael and Kodi are also known within their circles as fans of Beauty and The Beast. We are being a bit hard on Michael, he is a dapper gentleman, he is certainly no Beast. With that in mind, because Kodi so loved Sunflowers we took a bit of Beauty and the Beast by helping name the Wedding evening as “On this Enchanted Evening” but we replaced the traditional “Rose” from the movie with Sunflowers. Both were a pleasure to work with, both had a wonderful Wedding evening as Kodi lit up the room as shown in the photo. Congratulations to both of you and thank you for permitting us the honor to design for your Big Day!


“From the first moment, Lorenzo’s designs struck me because they were so different than anything I had seen. What really amazed me was how he was able to take all of the ideas floating around my head and put them into one cohesive design. I am so proud to send these to my guests and cannot wait for their reactions! Lorenzo was such a pleasure to work with and really made this whole design process worry free!