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Project Description

Bollywood Inspired Wedding Designs

Meeting with Pooja, she wanted unique touches to her 3 day Wedding Event. One thing, of many, she was determined to have for her Wedding was a Wedding Magazine which highlighted their love of Movies from India. Done. We took the look of the famous Fanfare Magazine based out of India which is everything Movies and Bollywood and then ran with it. Creating a beautiful cover that held together a 12 page Wedding Magazine. Highlighting beautiful photos taken by PhotozMadeEZ and then adding flare with designs throughout the magazine. We also created three 5′ x 8′ Backdrops that Pooja and Sid used to walk through on their Big Day with VIP Red Ropes to give a wonderful touch of Movie Glam!

Wedding Day Magazine Itinerary | Photo Booth Backdrops | Escort Love Tickets | Wedding Program

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